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The story of Project: Velyria is told through a series of conversations and missions. Missions are assigned to the players after visiting an NPC in the Base or communicating with an NPC via the codec.

Missions can be separated into three (3) main types:

  1. Story: These missions further the story. They often have mission and conversation requirements, and will unlock Story and Side missions.
  2. Side: These missions focus on side characters and their stories. Occasionally, Side missions will be requirements for Story and other Side missions.
  3. Task: These missions help the player gain experience points and items. Task missions are never used as requirements for Story or Side missions.

Each missions has a series of mission actions that must be completed in order to earn the mission's rewards. Mission actions can be any of the following:

  • Collect: Players must collect a certain number of items.
  • Slay: Players must slay a certain number of monsters.
  • Explore: Players must visit a specific tile or floor in the Velyrian mines.
  • Use: Players must use a specific item a certain number of times.
  • Converse: Players must speak to a certain NPC.

A mission can only be completed once reported to the NPC that completes the mission. NPC Respect Levels can give additional mission reward bonuses.

Occasionally, players must decide between two or more NPCs when completing their missions, and each NPC may give different rewards.