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Professions form the backbone of the Velyrian economy, allowing players to craft medical supplies, armour, weaponry, and other assorted goods. Each profession focuses on producing a different type of item. Professions can be subdivided into tiers, with the bottom-tier professions refining basic materials and the top-tier professions purchasing and using those refined materials.

Professions are not class-dependent, meaning any class can study any profession. Players can only select their profession after reaching level five (5).

There are five (5) professions in Project: Velyria: Armour Architect, Weapons Manufacturer, Hacker, Chemist, and Mineralogist.

  1. Armour Architect can craft armour equipment (head, body, hands, and feet) for all the classes. The Armour Architect is a top-tier profession.
  2. Weapons Manufacturer can craft weapons for all the classes (except the Miner). The Weapons Manufacturer is a top-tier profession.
  3. Hackers can craft crafting enhancement items, chips, Weapon Enhancement Modules, and explosives (the weapon for the Miner class and its advancements). The Hacker is a mid-tier profession.
  4. Chemists can craft healing items, nanobot restoration items, pills, and traps. The Chemist is a bottom-tier profession.
  5. Mineralogists can craft refined gems, crystals, metals, and dyes. The Mineralogist is a bottom-tier profession.