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Description[edit | edit source]

Recruits are a cunning and quick-witted lot; they are often the first to react in any given situation. With their superior reflexes and uncanny precision, recruits take out their opponents through a series of quick, focused attacks.

Typically, new recruits first look to master the Basic RPB Launcher, the simplest bow. Recruits value versatility and as such, they learn to utilize RPB Launchers in both combat and non-combat situations. After mastering the basics, many recruits choose to adopt a more advanced launcher such as a crossbow. Other recruits may decide to stray from tradition and learn to use guns and daggers.

For a character that is quick on their feet with a knack for striking down their foes with pinpoint accuracy, choose the recruit class and let the arrows fly.

"It takes a steady hand and a calm mind to be successful in our line of work."

Renowned for their keen eyes and viper-quick reflexes, recruits were typically hired by private land-owners for scouting purposes. Occasionally, they were contracted by the Homeworld's government to seek out natural resources undetectable by satellite imaging systems. For those companies looking to protect confidential information from the prying eyes of competitors, they were considered ideal candidates for sentries and bodyguards.

Recruits and their ilk, unlike the military, have no formal infrastructure in place to dictate their operations. However, loose unions, colloquially called alliances, of recruits with similar goals have banded together to share trade secrets and provide a social network by which to find new clients. One of the most widely-used tools for surveying, the Rocket-Propelled Bolt Launcher (or Bow), was developed by an alliance with a particularly scientific inclination.

They initially sought to adopt a simpler method of tagging and mapping a surveyed area, by increasing the accuracy of flag projectiles and refining the satellite messaging technology. Other recruits modified the RPBs for a more battle-minded purpose, making these flagging devices into deadly long-range weapons.

When rumours of a lucrative space mission traveled through the alliance network, many recruits jumped at the chance. The talented applicants were hired aboard Destiny. They were to help establish access to necessary resources once landed, and to guard and ration out bioplasma and food supplies. Now, confronted with the terrible truth of Velyria's native inhabitants, they've picked up their bows to defend themselves against the onslaught.

Class Advancements[edit | edit source]

Arbalist[edit | edit source]
Arbalist Slower and tougher than their class counterparts, Arbalists wield some heavy duty firepower. With their specialized crossbows, they unleash a powerful barrage of RPBs down upon their enemies, blasting away entire areas with ease.
Scout[edit | edit source]
Scout Some may say that scouts fight dirty, scouts would claim they fight smart. Scouts have no qualms about sneakily slitting their enemy's throat or dabbing poison on their daggers to hasten their foe's demise.
Gunslinger[edit | edit source]
Gunslinger Agile, flexible, deadly: These are all accurate descriptors for gunslingers. As their name would indicate, these assassins use guns as their chosen weapon. With a litany of different bullets in their clips, gunslingers can take on a variety of foes.

Recruit Skills[edit | edit source]

Recruit skills revolve around the use of the basic RPB Launcher. By carefully targeting their enemies, recruits aim to exploit any weaknesses they come across.

Recruit Skills

Expect hundreds of in-game skills that revolve around the recruit's several advancements and weapon choices!

Recruit Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Bows[edit | edit source]
Bows To snipe your foes from a distance, this short bow allows for the quick reloading of Rocket-Propelled Bolts and lethal accuracy. Even the beasts with the thickest of hides will succumb as the RPBs find their mark.
Crossbows[edit | edit source]
Crossbows For heavy artillery, look no further than the crossbow. Send massive bolts raining down upon monsters or target a specific beast with a penetrating shot; your opponents are sure to crumple beneath its savage assault.
Daggers[edit | edit source]
Daggers Engineered to slip between armoured scales, daggers effortlessly slice through to a monster's vulnerable flesh. For close combat confrontations, nothing is more effective than a well-placed thrust of this cruel metal fang.
Pistols[edit | edit source]
Pistols When metal meets propulsion, pistols are the deadly consequence. Lock and load your pistol to blast your way through hordes of enemies with shattering shots or level an entire battlefield with an explosive clip.