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Description[edit | edit source]

Scientists hunger for the new and the innovative. Being the biggest, toughest warrior simply holds no appeal to them. Rather, they delight in targeting and exploiting their enemies' weaknesses. Utilizing their superior intellect, scientists can dominate the battlefield while barely lifting a finger.

All the Velyrian scientists have been trained in the science of nanobot repair and reprogramming. The control staffs are built personally for each individual to meet their exacting standards and thus, no two staffs are identical. As they continue their studies, many scientists learn to utilize their nanobots in different ways from controlling the minds of their opponents and manipulating the elements to facilitating construction efforts and healing comrades. Furthermore, scientists may adopt new weapons such as the whip, the rod, or the tonfa.

For those of quick wit and with a thirst for knowledge, the scientist class will help you uncover and manipulate the secrets of the universe.

"A single change in a seemingly unimportant variable can throw an entire system out of balance. Shall we see exactly how unbalanced we can get?"

Only the best and the brightest students are accepted into the prestigious Universities on the Homeworld and even then, only those resilient and imaginative enough to withstand the grueling days of study ever finish their degrees. From then on, the majority of scientists enter the competitive field of corporate research, hoping to invent the next essential technological tool. Those with a more humanitarian inclination are more often enlisted by the government to tackle the bigger questions, the whys and the hows of the universe.

Nanobots, microscopic robots designed to follow instructions radioed out by a control staff, were developed by a group of scientists over several years specifically for Project: Velyria. They are able to operate in gravity fields of differing strengths, to interact cooperatively or antagonistically with biogenic materials, and to withstand drastic pressure and temperature changes. For example, the nanobots can be programmed to become healing factors, poison injection units, or explosive decoys.

Scientists have been planning Project: Velyria for as long as they have known about the impending collapse of the sun. Their purpose in this mission was to insure each phase of the project was carried out properly and to adjust to any unexpected variables. They never predicted that Velyria was home to a whole host of monstrous inhabitants. To continue and complete their mission, scientists have joined forces with the other colonists to fight for their lives.

Class Advancements[edit | edit source]

Technician[edit | edit source]
Technician With a crack of their whips, technicians can send even the most fearsome beasts running for cover. Technicians thrill in manipulating their opponents through strategic debuffs, leaving piles of corpses behind them.
Psychic[edit | edit source]
Psychic Through careful study, psychics have learned to control the minds of their opponents. By turning an enemy against itself, psychics can easily navigate the battlefield, picking off enemies at their leisure with a final blow from their tonfas.
Terraformer[edit | edit source]
Terraformer Masters of the elements, terraformers have configured their nanobots to unleash the power of ice, fire, electricity, and earth. With their rods, they can freeze whole hoards of enemies in their tracks or char them to a crisp.

Scientist Skills[edit | edit source]

Scientist skills rely on the use of nanobots to damage enemies. Using their control staffs, scientists can buff themselves and debuff their enemies.

Scientist Skills

Expect hundreds of in-game skills that revolve around the scientist's several advancements and weapon choices!

Scientist Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Staffs[edit | edit source]
Staffs Within the empty shaft of each staff, an intricate storage system contains thousands of nanobots ready to unleash the power of technology upon your foes. The low frequency electromagnetic waves emitted from the staff will command the nanobots to do your bidding.
Tonfas[edit | edit source]
Tonfas With a quick change of grip, tonfas switch from nanobot controllers to deadly handheld weapons. Whether you want to control minds or crack skulls, a tonfa should be your weapon of choice.
Whips[edit | edit source]
Whips Leave your signature, courtesy of your whip, upon the backs of your opponents. Whips can easily slice through the tough hides of Velyrian monsters, allowing your nanobots access to the vulnerable flesh within.
Rods[edit | edit source]
Rods Between bouts of discharging bolts of lightning and freezing your enemies solid, rods moonlight as compact melee weapons. Whether you want to serve up a plate of elemental destruction or simply beat someone over the head, rods will fit your fighting needs.