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Combat in Project: Velyria follows a turn-based battle system. Each base class (Soldier, Recruit, Scientist, Worker) is granted one basic attack to use during battle; in order to use other skills in combat, additional skills must be unlocked and assigned skill points. Every time a player character levels up, they are awarded with three (3) skill points to spend on the Training screen on any of their unlocked skills.

Skills can have the following requirements:

  • Level: Players must reach a certain level prior to unlocking the desired skill.
  • Skill: Players must have unlocked and placed at least one skill point in one or more skills prior to unlocking the desired skill.
  • Skill Level: Players must have unlocked and placed a certain amount of skill points into one or more skills prior to unlocking the desired skill.
  • Weapon: Players must have a certain weapon equipped in order to use the desired skill.

There are four (4) categories of skills in Project: Velyria:

  • Weapon Mastery: Players can place skill points into a Weapon Mastery skill to reduce variation in damage output when attacking with that skill's designated weapon.
  • Active: Active skills can be used during battle in place of the basic attack. Such skills can cost nanobots or health to deploy, but the effects can be well-worth the sacrifice. Active skills can induce status effects, heal, and/or deal damage.
  • Passive: Passive skills cannot be used during battle. Placing points in passive skills can give a player character a permanent stat boost and/or induce a status effect at the start of every battle.
  • Alliance: Alliance skills can only be unlocked through alliance participation.