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Description[edit | edit source]

Long hours in the hot sun with little more than a pickaxe and sweat to keep them company, workers have acquired an endurance unmatched by their office-bound fellows. Their bodies are strong and built for labour, allowing them to deflect enemy strikes while they prepare themselves to attack.

Workers have an uncanny ability to quickly learn how to operate anything they can get their hands on. Tools have proven to be just as dangerous as weapons in a worker's hands and they've adapted to use them as such. The simple and accessible pickaxe was adopted as the base weapon for the Velyrian workers. As a worker becomes more specialized, they can access and use new tools such as explosives, wrenches, and gauntlets.

Workers believe that a hard day's work is its own reward and that one should never flinch in the face of adversity. If you want a tireless character who will fight to their last breath, the worker class will work for you!

"I don't mind getting down and dirty if it means I can enjoy a good, hearty meal at the end of the day."

Tough as nails and steadfast to boot, workers are the often overlooked cogs that allow society to function smooth as clockwork. On the Homeworld, workers could be found toiling away at construction sites, in mines, and in fields. Jobs requiring physical labour are populated almost exclusively by workers.

The training methods and systems of organization for workers are as wide and as varied as the tasks they perform although there are some commonalities. On the Homeworld, most workers live outside of the large metropolitan areas, preferring to work in the open air. Many workers follow in the footsteps of their parents, learning about their career through their family members. As such, workers tend to remain localized to their region of birth, serving their local community for the majority of their lives.

The government contacted workers in secret about Project: Velyria, offering them substantial financial rewards to encourage them to move to the hidden arctic base for training. Many workers refused, content to remain close to friends and family. Those who accepted would be the blocks upon which Velyria would be built. Without the workers to accomplish the required labour, the colony would never survive. But when the monsters attacked, the defenceless workers were the first to be slaughtered. After seeing their cohorts fall at the hands of the monsters, the remaining workers have decided to assist the other colonists in the fight despite not being trained for combat.

Class Advancements[edit | edit source]

Miner[edit | edit source]
Miner In the thick of battle, miners can always be found by following the thunderous booming of explosions. Some might say that miners are reckless, detonating so many explosives in the close quarters of the mines, but with a bomb for every occasion, miners are well equipped to dominate their foes.
Mechanic[edit | edit source]
Mechanic Mechanics take pride in their craftsmanship for good reason. Combining immense power with calculated planning, mechanics use wrenches to construct defensive or offensive machines while in battle. Legions of enemies can be brought down with these precisely placed turrets.
Engineer[edit | edit source]
Engineer Engineers are built like a rock wall, immovable and indomitable. Enemy attacks simply bounce off them while they let loose a flurry of hard-hitting punches. With gauntlets wrapped around their fists, engineers crush their enemies back into the earth from which they came.

Worker Skills[edit | edit source]

Worker skills rely on the tank-like bodies of workers to withstand enemy fire. Workers can use their pickaxes for melee combat or build simple turrets to defend themselves.

Worker Skills

Expect hundreds of in-game skills that revolve around the worker's several advancements and weapon choices!

Worker Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Pickaxes[edit | edit source]
Pickaxes Re-purposed from a tool to a weapon, the pickaxe packs a punch unmatched for those strong enough to wield it. The crushing force behind the pickaxe means that you'll only need to hit once to take down even the toughest of opponents.
Explosives[edit | edit source]
Explosives With an earth-shattering explosion, bombs can coat your enemy in flammable oil or send shrapnel tearing through their ribcage. Explosives come in a variety of shapes with a variety of purposes, but the end result is always the same: They go boom.
Wrenches[edit | edit source]
Wrenches A simple tool with a not so simple purpose, wrenches facilitate the building of turrets during battle. From providing medical aid to rapidly firing thousands of bullets into your enemies, your turret of choice is only a wrench twist away.
Gauntlets[edit | edit source]
Gauntlets For hand to hand combat, there is nothing better than coating your hand in hardened steel. Gauntlets allow you to enjoy every blow, to savour every crunch of bone, to relish in the thrill of battle.